Peter confides in Ryan how he owes Rufus’s wife £15k and could really do with some rent off him. Ryan promises to do what he can to help. When Ryan reveals that he’s off to the bistro to ask for some shifts so that he can pay his way, Carla’s annoyed to realise that Peter’s been putting pressure on him. Ryan receives a message from Liv, one of his followers. He messages back and enjoys the banter until she asks him to drop his kecks and send him a pic. What will he do?

Frustrated that he can’t pay his way Ryan tells Sean and Daisy he is hoping to start making money from his socials. They warn him that the only way to do that is by selling seriously dodgy pics. Ryan arranges to meet Daisy for a drink later but when he discovers that Daniel and Daisy are moving in together he doesn’t turn up for the drink. Daisy calls to check up on him at the flat but he assures her he is fine. Daisy’s pleased but as she heads off, Ryan’s façade slips. Struggling with his emotions, Ryan goes onto the O-Vidz website and creates a new profile and posts his first video. He receives a message from Liv describing him as awesome and demanding more, Ryan checks his account to see that he has new subscribers and the money is flowing in. Ryan lies to Carla and Peter that he’s now officially an online fitness influencer, he’ll soon be raking it in and able to pay his own way.

Ryan receives a message from a man called Guy offering to pay for some private photos. Ryan takes his top off and carefully hiding his scars, uploads some pictures. But what will he do when Guy offers him £100 for a video of his full body and face? Later, Ryan reads a derogatory comment online about his scarred body. Carla urges him to ignore it, but clearly fuelled by testosterone, Ryan loses his temper. Hurling a glass across the room, Ryan rages at Carla.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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