Tyrone tells Cassie that she is going to the Citizens Advice Bureau to start looking for somewhere to stay. However, instead of going there, Cassie meets up with her drug dealer, Dean, who becomes aggressive as she owes him money.

Witnessing Cassie falling to the ground in pain, Michael insists on taking her to the hospital. Dean follows them, and when Ronnie arrives at the A&E, he sees Michael in the midst of a confrontation with Dean.

When Dean punches Michael, Ronnie suggests calling the police, but Cassie pleads with them not to.

Upon learning that incidents like this happen frequently to Aggie, Ronnie is shocked and decides to use this information to persuade Ed to join the deal, allowing Aggie to retire. The question remains: will Ed agree to the proposition?

Later, At No.9, Tyrone introduces Cassie to Kevin and Abi and explains that Abi is a recovering drug addict too. Cassie is furious.

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