Friday, August 18th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Remi and Bree cannot get on the same page and Bree storms out. Is Remi blind to the feelings that Mercedes has for him? Or has Bree let jealousy get the better of her? Mercedes asks Remi: will he go comfort his insecure girlfriend? Or jump on a once-in-a-lifetime career making opportunity? Remi decides to prioritise Bree. He attempts to convince her that she doesn’t need to feel threatened. Kirby subs in for Remi at the meeting, and she and Mercedes pull through! Lyrik has three, free sessions of studio time. Mercedes is the hero of the day, and the band celebrate her contribution, much to Bree’s dismay.

John’s gratitude to Irene for letting him stay at her place is falling flat. In fact, he is driving Irene up the flippin’ wall. He is hanging around the coffee cart like a bad smell. It’s only when Irene presses him to go home and rest like he’s supposed to that he finally takes a hint. John limps away with a grumble. Irene extends her shift to negotiate some extra time away from John, but when she returns home, John has a little something up his sleeve that might swing him back into the good books.

Andrew is glued to the security camera feed on his computer, paranoid Vita Nova will show. According to Andrew, as soon as they let their guard down, that’s when they’ll strike. Justin and Theo acknowledge Andrew’s escalating obsessive behaviour, and alert Leah. Taking the opportunity over dinner, Leah and Justin attempt a reality check. It’s been a couple of days, all the doors are locked, and they won’t be turning the cameras off. An exhausted looking Andrew finally agrees to shut down the computer and get some sleep. But when the lights go out, Andrew is back. Absorbed in the camera feed.

By Eastieoaks

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