At the press conference, Marilyn receives an invitation to join the CEO of Stunning Organics on the podium. However, her actions take an unexpected turn when an angry Alf Stewart seizes the opportunity to take center stage.

He unveils photographs depicting Roo’s coma, which occurred as a result of Stunning Organics’ actions. In a dramatic revelation, Marilyn exposes that she was offered a bribe in order to be present at the conference. The CEO, taken aback, angrily exits the scene.

Despite this, Alf remains steadfast and, with a supportive crew by his side, he presses the CEO for a response. Finally, the CEO callously declares her indifference towards Roo and her medical condition, a statement that Kirby has expertly recorded.

This powerful confrontation solidifies Alf’s reputation as a legendary figure among those present.

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By Eastieoaks

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