Monday, August 21st, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Bree tees up a big brekky with Remi after feeling on the outside from he and Mercedes’ recording preparation. However, once again Bree is trumped by an intervening Mercedes who poaches Remi to work on their gameplan. Bree is clearly finding it difficult to trust that Remi has no romantic interest in Mercedes and her offers of bringing lunch or surprise snacks to visit at the studio are brushed aside. Xander helps her decide that she wants to prove her trust in Remi and Bree commits to not visiting at all during the recording sessions. This is welcome news to Mercedes.

Justin is on edge when he’s notified that Andrew’s sister is coming to meet them. Justin has made the mistake of trusting the wrong people before and he won’t let that happen again, so he intercepts her for a coffee. He wants to make certain she’s the real deal before bringing her into their home. Tegan impressively ticks all the boxes. She’s a research assistant for an environmental science department. She’s got photographic proof and shared memories of her and Andrew’s early childhood together. But she also has the intention of taking Andrew away to live with her. An idea that has Justin and Leah questioning what’s best for Andrew.

Marilyn is fielding calls and emails from the new CEO of Stunning Organics. They are holding a press conference and invite her to attend as a special guest. Stunning Organics are intending to publicise how they’ve improved, but Marilyn is not falling for it. There is no way she would betray Roo and the other victims. Not even when the invitation to attend comes with a payment of $25,000 to sweeten the deal. But before she can turn down the offer, Alf has an idea…

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Marilyn is invited to join the CEO of Stunning Organics on the podium at a press conference. But she actions a plan that suddenly has an irate Alf Stewart taking centre stage. He exposes photos of Roo’s coma at the hands of Stunning Organics and Marilyn announces she was offered a bribe to be there. The CEO storms out, but Alf is only getting fired up. With a crew behind them, Alf pressures the CEO for a response, and she declares that she doesn’t care about Roo or the medical situation Roo is in. A statement Kirby has recorded. It’s an epic take-down, and ‘that old dude’ is a legend.

John is committed to cooking dinner for Irene in gratitude for her hospitality. But it’s the thought that counts when the two end up eating out. And it’s all smiles when they seem to be enjoying each other’s company at the restaurant. Perhaps a little too much?

Andrew is connecting with his sister Tegan. It’s a big transition and Theo abandons his recording preparation to be present. Tegan shares her experience of being abandoned as a child and empathises with Andrew. They really missed out as kids, but maybe they can make up for it now. Justin and Leah worry Tegan is moving too fast. There’s a lot that she hasn’t considered. But Tegan is determined to start a new life with her sibling. Even if that means she needs to slow things down a little and stay a little longer.

Theo’s involvement with Andrew meant he dropped the ball on preparation for the recording session. Kirby is furious. She hasn’t had time either because of the Stunning Organics scandal. Now crunch time is fast approaching and things are not only getting heated between them, they are turning nasty.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Lyrik gather for their first recording session with tensions running high. However, once they enter the studio, they become excited and record a fantastic version of their song. Meanwhile, Remi and Mercedes, stay behind for more mixing and Mercedes makes a romantic move. Elsewhere, Felicity has a counseling session and feels better, but notices that Tane has been distant. She tries to reach out to him, but he is unable to open up and instead finds solace in boxing.

Thursday, August 24th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Mali is advised by a doctor to avoid teaching and the surf due to financial difficulties, despite offers of support from Rose and Mackenzie. Eden enjoys a productive recording session but is interrupted by texts from Remi about an unexpected kiss from Mercedes. Remi is worried about telling his girlfriend Bree about the kiss and feels conflicted about his actions. Felicity and Cash are concerned about Tane, who went out and didn’t return. Cash finds Tane at the gym, and they have a conversation about their shared pain.

Friday, August 25th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Irene and John’s friendship raises suspicions among others in the community. Mackenzie sets out to investigate their supposed romance, while Mali deals with financial troubles. Rose offers support, but Mali remains determined to handle things on his own. Meanwhile, Alf shares good news about Roo’s recovery, and Marilyn’s involvement with Stunning Organics comes to a satisfying conclusion.

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