It’s a dramatic week for the residents of Carrigstown this week, it all kicks off at the house share, when Gwen manipulates everyone to try and get rid of Sash and Olivia from the house. Sash brings in Joan to mediate the situation, but events take a turn when Joan becomes unwell and faints, and threatens Sash that she trust’s Anna for any decisions on the house, is the time up for Sash and will the manipulation of Gwen force Sash and Olivia to become homeless?

Meanwhile, Fergal is causing a lot of problems between Erica and Doug with his comments, and Gareth insists that he must keep his opinions to himself, unaware of Fergal’s true intentions in Carrigstown.

The consortium pub quiz gets off to a bad start between Pete and Renée, as they continue to butt heads of who will be a successful pub manager, unaware that Orla is feeding information to Renée during the course of the quiz, and it boils down to a physical challenge that will announce the winner. As the week progresses, communications between the consortium is still on a knife-edge, as the day of the auction draws nearer, and will matters be resolved, so that the consortium can win control of buying McCoys from rival chain merchants, and during the auction itself, a secret bidder is revealed that will send shockwaves amongst the residents of Carrigstown.

Fair City airs Sunday (20:00), Thursday (20:30) and Friday (19:30) on RTE One

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