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Fergal overhears Doug and Erica arguing about him and decides to pull out of the car show he had planned on going with Doug. Doug is convinced that something is up and confronts Fergal and Fergal comes clean about not wanting to cause friction between him and Erica. Gareth offers Fergal the full time job at the gym unaware of his true intentions in Carrigstown, will this cause problems between the brothers?

Gwen is up to old tricks again of manipulating Anna for her own advantage, convincing it would be for everyone’s interests if Sash and Olivia were evicted from the house. Anna informs Sash that Joan has given her full control of who lives in the house, and Anna asks Sash does she want Olivia living in such a tense environment? Has Gwen got the upper hand on Sash, only time will tell?

Carol is livid what with the goings on with the consortium while she was away, and enlists Orla’s help in getting Dolores back on side, by suggesting that Dolores is willing to leave her shares of McCoys to Junior. Carol’s consortium peace talks goes awry when Dolores announces that she and Pete will rejoin the consortium only if Orla is the appointed as a neutral manager, and with the clock ticking down to the auction will the consortium agree to bury their differences to keep McCoys in the community?


  • Craig Connolly as Fergal Boyle
  • Shane Quigley-Murphy as Gareth Boyle
  • Noni Stapleton as Joan Howley
  • Wesley Doyle as Doug Ferguson
  • Roxanna Nic Liam as Erica Allen
  • Poppy Dixon-Hollywood as Baby Nora Ferguson
  • Mick Nolan as Ray O’Connell
  • Emily Lamey as Gwen Connolly
  • Lucey Duffy as Olivia Bishop
  • Stephanie Kelly as Sash Bishop
  • Shaun Dunne as Georgie Dennis
  • Colleen Keogh as Anna McShane
  • Geoff Minogue as Tommy Dillon
  • Aisling O’Neill as Carol Foley
  • Ryan Keogh as Jack Gleeson
  • Joe Hanley as Hughie Phelan
  • Úna Crawford-O’Brien as Renée Phelan
  • Bryan Murray as Bob Charles
  • Sorcha Furlong as Orla Molloy
  • Enda Oates as Pete Ferguson
  • Martina Stanley as Dolores Molloy

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