Tommy pleads with Sash to move in with him. Carol and Pete are on tenterhooks waiting for McCoy’s to go to auction and agree on a limit of 1M. Hayley feels a last minute tug of emotion as she prepares for the auction, and Carol is thrown when a late bidder enters the arena by phone and drives up the price, and everyone is stunned when the late bidder is unveiled and sends shockwaves throughout Carrigstown!

Doug agrees to tow Fergal’s car when it breaks down. Gareth is irked when Fergal’s car troubles makes him late for work. Alex is on the warpath when extremist literature is all over Carrigstown. Alex sets up a donation box for refugees. Ray and Fergal butt heads over their view on refugees, leaving Ray with a bad feeling about Fergal.

Babs is suspicious of Ruby’s distracted state. Ruby sets up a meeting between Babs and her Dad Victor. Victor insists that he didn’t cheat on Babs, but Babs is repentant that she doesn’t believe him and needs space.

Cast include

  • Ali Fox as Babs Mullen
  • Rachel Wren as Ruby Mullen
  • Ciana Howlin as Jess Mullen
  • Shane McCarthy as Greg Kiely
  • Wesley Doyle as Doug Ferguson
  • Craig Connolly as Fergal Boyle
  • Shane Quigley-Murphy as Gareth Boyle
  • Adam Karim as Alex Petrosian
  • Mick Nolan as Ray O’Connell
  • Stephanie Kelly as Sash Bishop
  • Lucey Duffy as Olivia Bishop
  • Geoff Minogue as Tommy Dillon
  • Stephen O’Leary as Zak Dillon
  • Aisling O’Neill as Carol Foley
  • Ryan Keogh as Jack Gleeson
  • Enda Oates as Pete Ferguson
  • Rebecca Grimes as Hayley Collins
  • Bryan Murray as Bob Charles
  • Úna Crawford-O’Brien as Renée Phelan
  • Martina Stanley as Dolores Molloy
  • Sorcha Furlong as Orla Molloy
  • Joe Hanley as Hughie Phelan

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