Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Marilyn is invited to join the CEO of Stunning Organics on the podium at a press conference. But she actions a plan that suddenly has an irate Alf Stewart taking centre stage. He exposes photos of Roo’s coma at the hands of Stunning Organics and Marilyn announces she was offered a bribe to be there. The CEO storms out, but Alf is only getting fired up. With a crew behind them, Alf pressures the CEO for a response, and she declares that she doesn’t care about Roo or the medical situation Roo is in. A statement Kirby has recorded. It’s an epic take-down, and ‘that old dude’ is a legend.

John is committed to cooking dinner for Irene in gratitude for her hospitality. But it’s the thought that counts when the two end up eating out. And it’s all smiles when they seem to be enjoying each other’s company at the restaurant. Perhaps a little too much?

Andrew is connecting with his sister Tegan. It’s a big transition and Theo abandons his recording preparation to be present. Tegan shares her experience of being abandoned as a child and empathises with Andrew. They really missed out as kids, but maybe they can make up for it now. Justin and Leah worry Tegan is moving too fast. There’s a lot that she hasn’t considered. But Tegan is determined to start a new life with her sibling. Even if that means she needs to slow things down a little and stay a little longer.

Theo’s involvement with Andrew meant he dropped the ball on preparation for the recording session. Kirby is furious. She hasn’t had time either because of the Stunning Organics scandal. Now crunch time is fast approaching and things are not only getting heated between them, they are turning nasty.

By Eastieoaks

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