In the latest drama on Hollyoaks, emotions run high as Ethan faces the challenges of love and loyalty. Encouraged by Dave, Ethan decides to pursue romance to match his own happiness. He approaches Sienna, expressing his yearning for her and suggesting a date to rekindle their connection, away from prying eyes. However, Sienna’s reservations about the plan lead Ethan to propose abandoning it if they can’t be together.

Their attempt at a romantic rendezvous at The Loft takes an unexpected turn when Norma disrupts their private moment. Norma’s teasing about moving on from Sienna triggers introspection for both Ethan and a concealed Sienna. As they resume their intimate conversation back at their flat, Sienna seeks advice from Ste, who voices concern about her potentially becoming rich but lonely.

Sienna decides to end things with Rafe, leaving an emotional voice message. Yet, fate intervenes as she unexpectedly encounters Rafe in the village. Meanwhile, Ethan eagerly anticipates his date with Sienna until a call from the Earl delivers unsettling news—Dilly is missing.

Amidst the chaos, Dilly appears at The Loft, urging Ethan to confess that Sienna framed her for drug possession. A confrontation between Rafe and Ethan escalates, with Sienna stepping in to defuse the situation. Suspicion grows as Sienna overhears a cryptic phone conversation of Rafe’s at the Earls’.

When Sienna questions Ethan’s mysterious absence, he reveals a hazy night of personal turmoil. Sienna, committed to her intricate plan, asks Ethan to keep Dilly company while she gains the Earl’s trust. As Rafe’s concern for his sister deepens, he confides in Sienna, leading to revelations that could change everything.

In an emotionally charged moment, Dilly seeks solace from Ethan, revealing her vulnerability.

Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6:30pm

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