Dillon has seemed to have settled into the village since arriving here, how would you sum up his journey so far?

I think Dillon has definitely settled in well, he had a tough start but he’s definitely one of those people that just go with the flow. Although he has been in a bit of trouble and might have an issue with someone in the teen group.

We’ve learnt more about Dillon’s character over the past weeks, how would you describe him?

I’d say he comes across confident and easy going, people generally like him if he’s not causing trouble, but has a kind side to him where’s he’s soft and vulnerable even if his exterior doesn’t say it. Plus, he’s always trying his best to give wise advise even if it isn’t always correct.

We’ve seen Dillon cause some trouble lately, do you think we’ll see more of this side?

Ooh well I think it’s going to depend who he decides to spend his time with, he’s definitely up for causing a bit of trouble if he thinks it’ll be a laugh.

It’s the Earl of Dee Awards this week will we see this bring the teen group closer together or further apart?

The Earl of Dee Awards have been a new challenge for the teens and I think it feels like when it comes to an end there’s going to be some drama ,after all not everyone is going to win those festival tickets!

There’s competition between all the teens to win the festival tickets, who do you have the most laughs with off camera from this group?

I honestly couldn’t pin it down to one person, I think when we’re all in a group off camera we’re constantly joking and laughing together the chemistry always feels so good with this group. Quite different to what happens on screen.

Dillon can always be seen giving his friends thoughtful advice and support in tough situations who has helped guide you most since starting Hollyoaks?

Well when I first started I spent a lot of time with Ijaz (who plays Imran) he helped and taught me so much in my first month so it was actually really sad seeing him go even though I hadn’t known him for long. But also I’ve had some incredible guidance and advice from a lot of the older members of the cast, they’re all brilliant.

What do you hope to see in the future for Dillon’s character?

To be honest I do hope to see Dillon get up to some more mischief it’s always fun playing out those kinds of storylines. Maybe find a rival or even a romance? We’ll have to see though.

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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