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Sharon is concerned when she discovers Felix lied to her and has agreed to another fight, he tells her he’s seeking counselling, but when the doctor threatens to tell Mercedes the truth, Felix tries to blackmail her. Reunited Felix suggests to Mercedes they move in together, but when she doesn’t respond as he expected he walks out leaving her confused. When Mercedes runs into Warren and Sharon in the village she asks if they’ve seen Felix.

When Scott hears about Charlie’s struggles with mental health, he offers Darren some advice who after some uncertainty takes him up on the offer. Scott offers Charlie to keep the drum kit from the Youth Club at his for the foreseeable to help him escape, and Darren makes his son promise to communicate his troubles.

Rafe has asked Tony to cover for him to host the final week of the Earl of Dee challenge and asks Beau if he’d like to be his assistant. Hesitant at first, Beau soon changes his mind when he sees the outfit that’s been ordered for his dad to wear. During the workshop the teens tell Tony they refuse to participate until they get their phones back believing the Earl is the one who took them.

Wanting his little brother to feel as good as he does, Dave encourages Ethan to find some romance. Ethan approaches Sienna to let her know he misses her and suggests they go on a date with Rafe away. When Sienna is concerned about the plan, Ethan suggests they scrap it if they can’t be together it

By Eastieoaks

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