Tuesday, August 29th, 2023 on Channel 4 at 6:30pm

Jack tries to advise Darren on how to handle Charlie’s recent behaviour. Pearl tells Darren how he needs to set boundaries with Charlie, but when Darren can’t find a way to get through to his son, he starts blaming himself. Upstairs, Charlie’s anxiety grows as his self-doubts get louder in his head.

Ethan and Sienna try to spend some romantic time together in The Loft, but when Norma turns up demanding for the door to be open, their quality time is cut short. Norma teases Ethan about moving on from Sienna, leaving him and hiding Sienna with some thoughts to process. Back at the flat, Ethan and Sienna pick up where they left things…

Mercedes waits with an unconscious Felix while Warren tries to find Sharon for help. When Felix comes around and they wait for Sharon to meet them at the garage, Mercedes begs Felix to stop fighting but when he refuses struggling at what to do to save the man she loves from anymore danger, Mercedes walks out on him. At home Felix threatens Sharon with exposing a secret he’s kept for 20 years.

With the kids refusing to participate, Tony is left to complete the Earl of Dee challenge himself. The teens reassure each other they won’t drift apart when they get their new timetables, Lucas watches on alone… Beau manages to find a way to get the teens to participate in the challenge, but Tony realises his phone has also gone missing.

By Eastieoaks

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