Wednesday, August 30th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Remi and Eden butt heads in the wake of Mercedes’ failed attempt to kiss Remi. Eden wants to know – is Mercedes coming to rehearsal? And what is Remi going to tell Kirby and Theo if she’s a no show? With no sign of Mercedes, Remi has no choice – he has to tell Lyrik that Mercedes may not be coming back. Ever. Kirby reels – they’re supposed to be recording in a matter of hours, and Eden tries to reason with Remi – they’re going to miss out on their biggest opportunity just because he can’t be honest. Remi finally fronts up at Mercedes’ motel room – we need to talk.

Theo seeks out Alf for support – Justin needs help, he’s struggling. When Alf visits with Justin it’s clear what’s troubling him – Andrew and Tegan are getting on famously and Tegan’s talking about taking him to live with her. Justin says he’s afraid that Tegan can’t cope with Andrew’s needs. Alf reassures Justin – if Andrew wants to go with Tegan, it’s because Justin has given him the confidence to do so. She’s Andrew’s family after all. But Justin remains unconvinced…

Alf encourages Marilyn to tell John and Irene how she feels, but Marilyn’s mind is elsewhere – how’s she going to explain away her imaginary date’s absence at the wedding? Regardless, Marilyn has turned a corner – if John and Irene are happy together then she is happy for them. That’s what friends do. Nonetheless, Alf can’t resist giving John a serve later – if he’s moved on, he may as well be honest about it. Alf couldn’t care less, but it’s upset Marilyn. Overwhelmed with guilt, John confesses all to Marilyn – will she consider being his plus one?

By Eastieoaks

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