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Felicity feels sick after receiving the blackmail text and Tane wants to contact Cash, but Felicity is adamant – her brother can’t know about this. “Promise”, she pleads with Tane. Felicity hopes it might be a scam – what if there is no video? But Tane is not so sure – “How many scammers know you were assaulted at Battle of the Bands? Tane again stresses they should go to the cops but it’s still a hard no from Felicity – “I don’t want them involved”.

When Cash asks Tane probing questions, he lies for Felicity and blows his brother-in-law off, but it’s clear he’s not comfortable with leaving the cops out of the loop. Xander lets the cat out of the bag anyway when Cash comes into Salt, telling Cash his sister had bolted after receiving a distressing text. The wheels turning for Cash, he wastes no time confronting his sister – why did she rush off so upset? Avoiding him, Felicity throws herself back into work, but it’s clear that something’s going on with her. Things escalate when Felicity receives a follow-up text – ‘Pay up or everyone sees the rest’. When the details of where to deposit the funds come through, Felicity resolves – she’s going to pay her blackmailer. Tane may not agree, but he does have her back.

Meanwhile, Marilyn is reeling from witnessing John and Irene’s “PDA” yesterday and confides in Alf – they can’t quite believe that John and Irene are together. When Alf comes into the diner later, he asks her outright – what was that kiss on the cheek about? And Irene leans in – maybe she and John are getting along better than she ever dreamed. When Xander and Mac seemingly “confirm” the gossip, Alf apologises to Marilyn – maybe something is going on between them after all. Marilyn confides in Alf – she doesn’t mind if Irene and John are together, but why don’t they just come out and tell her? She thought they were better friends than that.

By Eastieoaks

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