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Rose is uncomfortable around Mali following his less-than-romantic love declaration. “He’s said I love you to a chicken burger with more passion”, she laments to Xander – She had hoped it would be special. Later, while she confides further in Irene, Mali quizzes Xander – is something wrong with your sister? When Xander talks Mali through it, the penny drops. He did tell Rose he loved her – he hadn’t even realised. When Mali catches up with Rose later, they come to an agreement – he’ll take it back and they pretend it never happened. Deal.

Irene is determined to have some fun with Summer Bay’s gossips and teach them a lesson for speculating about her and John. She makes a big show of putting a love heart on his coffee, and makes sure Marilyn knows that she’s his plus one for Jett’s wedding. Irene’s having a ball keeping up the ruse but John’s not so sure – Marilyn seems tense. It seems it really is getting to Maz when later she invents her own date for the wedding!

Tane plays the devoted husband to Felicity, cancelling bootcamp and then following her to work, prompting her to call him out for being “clingy”. Tane confesses – he’s nervous to leave her alone so soon after her assault. Felicity encourages him – they have to get back to their lives. Later, Felicity makes a swift exit from Salt when she receives a mystery text. She rushes to Tane and shows him the message – it’s blackmail. If they don’t turn over $1000, her blackmailer will post a video of her sexual assault.

By Eastieoaks

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