Monday, 25th September
The Kennedys find themselves at a crossroads. After much consideration, Toadie makes a tough
decision that will impact his entire family. Mackenzie makes a big call on her personal life. And JJ’s
digging takes an unexpected turn.

Tuesday, 26th September
Terese’s business venture encounters a roadblock, causing repercussions in her personal life. Byron
struggles with relationships and the truth of his past. Mackenzie pushes herself out of her comfort
zone. And Karl grows increasingly worried for the well-being of an old friend.

Wednesday, 27th September
Harold makes a devastating admission. Paul conjures up an elaborate plan to impress his new VIP
guest. Mike has an important proposal to make. And Terese discovers the truth of secrets that are
very close to home.

Thursday, 28th September
Nell makes a shameful admission that rocks her family. Cara and Remi face the consequences of
poor communication. JJ’s stealthy mission amps up, as he gets closer to the truth. And Jane and
Mike’s plans stall as secrets simmer beneath the surface.

In the UK new episodes launch on Amazon Freevee at 7am from Monday September 18.

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