Zara and Daniel’s relationship is strained due to secrets and arguments.

Bear’s casual attitude towards his past romantic involvement causes Claudia to question their relationship.

Rosie plots something against Emma and Al at The Mill, while a patient, Frankie Sharp (Andrea Mason), faces frustration when trying to renew a prescription.

Ruhma attends a Spanish class and meets a charming pottery student named Mickey Gilmore (Bill Ward).

Security concerns arise at The Mill, leading to self-defense lessons that do not go as planned.

Meanwhile, a man named Henry Povall (James Cartmell) seeks counseling while dealing with a persistent woman knocking on his door. Scarlett faces challenges in her driving lesson with Rob.

Frankie returns to The Mill with her husband, Vic, leading to a heated confrontation – leaving with Bear having to put a call in to Claudia.

Stuart Norman (Jack Maddison) blames his former friend Ryan Scott (Tom Claxton) for his problems, while Jimmi encourages him to focus on self-improvement. The day ends with an unexpected encounter involving a student with the same name as Stuart Norman.

Doctors airs Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One. 

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