Amelia settles in living with Chas and keen to contribute, helps Chas out behind the Woolpack bar.

After Cathy shoves Wendy to the ground during an outburst, Bob runs to help but gets chest pains.

Grieving Claudette admits she needed Charles’ support more than she told him, making Manpreet feel guilty as she continues to keep his secret.

Lydia struggles in the aftermath of the rape.

Cathy reluctantly appreciates Liam’s promise to listen to her but soon jumps to conclusions…

Gabby insists on selling up and leaving the village behind.

Getting serious after receiving a mysterious text during some sibling banter in the Woolie, Cain asks if Caleb would like to get out of town for a bit. After a furtive phone call, Cain’s determined to keep the reason for their road trip a secret, and asks Caleb to come up with an excuse for Moira and watchful Chas. Cain and Caleb make a pact to stick together as they head off on their mysterious road trip while Moira watches on, simmering that Cain has left when she’d asked him not to.

David admits that his feelings for Victoria are burgeoning once again, but there’s a sense Jacob’s not happy about it.

Cathy is officially diagnosed with PMDD.

Chloe’s thrilled when Mack suggests going on a date.

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday September 11 on ITV1

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