Monday, September 11th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm 

Lydia struggles in the aftermath of the rape.

Grieving Claudette admits she needed Charles’ support more than she told him, making Manpreet feel guilty as she continues to keep his secret.

Gabby insists on selling up and leaving the village behind.


  • Ben Addis as Craig Reed
  • Bertie Brotherton as Thomas Tate
  • Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana as Suni Sharma
  • Charlotte Bellamy as Laurel Thomas
  • Christopher Bisson as Jai Sharma
  • Claire King as Kim Tate
  • Eden Taylor-Draper as Belle Dingle
  • Emile John as Ethan Anderson
  • Flo Wilson as Claudette Anderson
  • Isabel Hodgins as Victoria Sugden
  • James Chase as Tom King
  • James Hooton as Sam Dingle
  • Karen Blick as Lydia Dingle
  • Nick Miles as Jimmy King
  • Patrick Mower as Rodney Blackstock
  • Rebecca Sarker as Manpreet Sharma
  • Rosie Bentham as Gabby Thomas
  • Roxy Shahidi as Leyla Harding

By Eastieoaks

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