Monday, September 11th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Theo feels betrayed after discovering Kirby can surf – and she’s good! Why didn’t she say anything when they were together?! Kirby reminds him of her mandate – they are not together anymore, and their relationship is purely professional. Remi and Kirby split up to counsel the pair after their clash, and Theo later pleads with Justin to let him skip the imminent band meeting. Justin interrupts another clash on the beach later and offers to buy Theo breakfast, where he receives some bad news – the venue’s pulled out of their upcoming gig.

Remi has some harsh words for Kirby about the impact her love life is having on the band and Kirby approaches Theo with an olive branch. Theo quizzes her – why did she stop surfing? And why didn’t she ever confide in him? He reassures her – he’s here if she needs to talk. Can the exes forge a friendship for the sake of Lyrik?

Irene is feeling buoyed after her chat with Marilyn and invites John over for dinner. Marilyn quizzes – didn’t he only move out today? When Alf raises the same question later, Marilyn points out that Irene obviously enjoys John’s company – it’s fine. Irene knocks off work early to prepare dinner and gets the Scrabble out ready for a game too, but just as she’s organising dessert last minute, John cancels to video chat with Jett. Marilyn clocks Irene’s disappointment and ponders to Alf the next day, has Irene developed feelings for John? For real this time? When she floats it with Irene though she gets a spray – not now, and not ever will she have a romantic interest in John!

By Eastieoaks

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