Tuesday, September 12th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

On the beach, Tane reassures a skittish Felicity – no one has posted that video, and they haven’t heard from the blackmailer again. Knowing the truth, Felicity feigns normalcy, but dodges Eden when she wants to catch up. Later, Felicity is brushing off Eden’s concern about her borrowing money from Cash, when Tane overhears. Tane instantly knows why she borrowed the money and can’t believe it – it’s only a matter of time until the next demand now. How could she be so naïve? Tane is soon proven correct when Felicity receives another text from her blackmailer – now they want another 20 grand. Felicity apologises to Tane, and he’s understanding, but when he leaves the room she responds to the demand – she’ll get her blackmailer the money.

Kirby confides in Theo over the reason she gave up surfing: she had a terrifying accident and nearly died. Returning to the water yesterday was huge for her. Theo explains his hurt: he was so open with her about his own experiences when they were together, and they said they’d always be honest with each other. She could have confided in him.

Justin calls an urgent band meeting to tell Lyrik he’s booked the Palais Metro for their gig. The only catch is, it’s for tonight. Remi and Kirby are sure it can’t be done but Justin urges them – it’s happening. The album goes live tonight. When the band convene it’s nothing short of chaos – Eden doesn’t want to “schmooze” with the band’s Q & A, and Theo points out that the album doesn’t even have a name yet. After some coaxing from Justin and Remi though, everyone’s on board. Can Lyrik wow the crowd with their album?

Feeling bad about their misunderstanding the day before, Marilyn invites Irene for dinner – they can do a Tarot reading and a manicure. Irene scoffs at the idea of Tarot, and when Marilyn suggests bringing Leah into the mix, Irene reels – is this a charity night for your sad, lonely old friend? “Thanks, Maz, but no thanks”.

By Eastieoaks

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