Lyrik’s new album gets a warm reception at the launch. They prep for the Q & A after their performance, and Theo seems a little uneasy. When he’s quizzed by a journo about his relative inexperience, he freezes, his nerves getting the better of him. It’s left for Kirby to swoop in and save the day, singing Theo’s praises when she answers the question on behalf of the band. She’s a natural, and Theo is grateful. But at home later he vents to Justin about how humiliated he felt.

It’s the first time Felicity’s been to a Lyrik gig since she was assaulted at Battle of the Bands. While she starts the night confidently and wanting to support Eden, she’s soon haunted by flashbacks to the night of her assault and needs to rush out mid-panic attack. At home, she’s supported by Tane, and expresses how angry she has been. The following morning, Tane wakes up to an ominous note from his wife: “I’m not going to be a victim anymore. Please don’t hate me”. Felicity follows her blackmailer’s instructions and drops the money Cash left her in a remote bin. Is she in grave danger again?

Marilyn confides in Mackenzie over her fears for Irene – she’s worried her friend is lonely. At home, Irene has spelled out the word ‘Solitude’ on the Scrabble board when Marilyn and Mac turn up with pasta and dessert. Irene enjoys the company (and the pasta) but resolves that she’ll need to get used to being on her own in the long term.

(Channel 5)

By Eastieoaks

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