Thursday, September 14th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Rose and Mali model the new merch for Mantaray Boards, and Xander surprises Mali with a stack of flyers for his surf lessons. But Mali is still a way off from getting back in the water – can Xander manage the lessons without him? When Mali goes to meet a new client, he is appalled when Xander jumps straight into the lesson rather than reading the surf conditions. It seems Mali is having trouble sharing the load when it comes to his business…

(Channel 5)

With Felicity still MIA, Tane has confided in Cash about their blackmail hell. He tries to contact Felicity, but she’s preoccupied with stalking her extortionist. From her car, she manages to snap several quickfire pics of the man who’s been threatening her. As he leaves with the money, she is gripped by impulse and turns on the engine. Later she confides in Tane and Cash – she wanted to hit him with her car, but she stopped herself. And she caught him – she has him on camera. Both his face, and his license plates.

While Rose goes to make an arrest later, Cash and Felicity are at odds – how could she not have told him what was going on? Tane is naturally concerned as well – why confront this guy on her own?! Felicity is pleading her case to Cash when Rose escorts the blackmailer into the station, and Felicity comes face to face with her attacker. As Cash and Rose commence the interview, Cash is determined to take down his sister’s attacker.

(Channel 5)

By Eastieoaks

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