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Cash is mid-interrogation with Felicity’s blackmailer when he seizes the perpetrator’s phone – How do you explain this text message exchange? And what about this photo of the victim unconscious? His response is icy – “I want a lawyer”. Soon after, Rose receives a message from forensics – they’ve found encrypted files on his phone, and Felicity wasn’t his only victim. When Cash attempts to take a DNA sample later, Jeremy taunts him – his lawyer will make all this go away – it’s “that chick’s” word against his. Cash is measured as he takes a swab – “that chick, is my sister” and Jeremy’s face falls.

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Mali apologises to Xander – he was out of line putting his frustrations on him. When they go to Salt for a reconciliatory pizza, Mali checks his socials – his mum has seen a photo of him with Rose. And he hasn’t had a chance to tell her about them yet. A follow-up text from his sister Elandra confirms – Mali’s mum wants to know who the mystery woman in the photo is. And it seems she’s about to find out when Mali later invites Rose to meet his mum the next day!

John is worried about Alf following a slew of odd mishaps. He calls an “extraordinary general meeting” at the surf club, but when nobody else shows up, Alf sees through the ruse. John persists however – he knows something’s not right with Alf. And he thinks he knows what – has Alf been struggling with his hearing? “Stay out of my affairs” warns a defensive Alf. Can Palmer get him to address the issue?

(Channel 5)

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