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Rose is intimidated by the prospect of meeting Mali’s mum at such short notice – no notice, as she reminds Mali. “She’s going to love you”, promises Mali. When Rose does meet Vicky – or ‘Victoria’, as she corrects Mali – there’s immediate tension. But as Elandra quickly points out to Mali, their mum is happy to meet Rose, but she’s not at all happy with Mali for keeping her a secret. Vicky warms to Rose quickly, but when she asks what she does for a living and discovers that Rose is a cop, both she and Elandra head for the car. When Mali tries to stop them, Vicky’s disapproval is clear – “Your father would be so ashamed of you”.

Eden finds Cash drinking in uniform at Salt and manages to coax him home, where Cash hides his pain in a long shower. Loyal Eden encourages him to open up, but Cash isn’t ready – “I’ll talk to you in the morning”. When she wakes to an empty house, and Cash’s uniform left behind, Eden’s worry is palpable. She catches up with Cash on the beach and he spills all on Felicity’s blackmail ordeal. Soon Eden gets to the crux of the issue – Cash is a cop, so why didn’t his sister trust him? Later, Eden and Cash make plans to go away together. With her support, he may just get through this.

John is still concerned for Alf and voices his opinion to Marilyn – doesn’t she think something’s been off? Marilyn tests John’s theory at home by testing Alf’s hearing. She’s convinced he’s fine, but John counters that people with hearing loss read facial expressions to make up for what they can’t hear. Marilyn’s sure he’s wrong, but John is steadfast, and when Marilyn tests Alf by obscuring her face while talking to him, it seems John’s right. Will Marilyn be able to convince Alf to get help with his hearing?

By Eastieoaks

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