Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Elandra tries to broker peace between Mali and his mum, with Vicky enraged by the news that Rose is a cop. Elandra opens up to Rose – she and Mali have a brother who’s been unfairly targeted by police, thus their family’s distrust of cops. Vicky lays it out for Mali – yes, she’d be happier if Rose had a different job, but it’s the lying by omission that has cut her deep. What has happened to her son? Mali opens up to his mother, he’s in love with Rose. He hopes that she can accept her, and Vicky ends up offering an olive branch to her son’s girlfriend.

Justin tries to reassure Theo after his stumble at the album launch Q&A, but Theo wallows in his humiliation. Justin even finds him rehearsing public speaking at home. When they brainstorm solutions later, Justin’s focus is split, and Theo rails at him for not treating him as a priority. Tensions continue to spike between the two later when Theo snaps at Justin for continually bringing up Lyrik at home. When Theo checks his email, the unthinkable has happened – he’s been made into a meme! Theo is devastated. Can he ever live this down now?

Alf continues to avoid the topic of his hearing loss but it’s obvious to his friends that he’s struggling. Marilyn can’t hold her tongue anymore and confronts her friend – he needs to address this. Alf doesn’t take to the intervention kindly, and the next morning Marilyn frets to Justin that she believes Alf has scarpered to the city alone. Justin thinks it’s premature when Marilyn suggests calling Martha, but when Marilyn queries what can they do, Justin comes up blank. Will Alf be ok?

By Eastieoaks

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