Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Marilyn is concerned that she still can’t get a hold of Alf, and neither can Justin when she enlists his help. Marilyn confides in John – “Mr Stewart’s gone missing, and it’s all my fault”. When John searches for Alf at the Diner later, Irene has a plan to flush him out. She’ll tell him there’s an issue at the Bait Shop. Soon Irene has news for John and Marilyn – Alf has gone to the city to be with Roo. They’re relieved he’s ok, but Marilyn still frets over being given the cold shoulder.

Theo is still reeling from his debut as a meme, and it doesn’t cheer him up when Justin finds it funny. On that front, Justin has big news – he’s locked in Drive Time with Felix J for Lyrik. Theo offers to put his hurt aside to do the interview, but Justin quickly corrects him – “Kirby’s got it covered”. Sulking later and lashing out, Theo accuses Kirby of deliberately undermining him at the launch so that she can be the face of Lyrik.

When he tunes into the interview later, Kirby is being grilled over rumours of bad blood within the band. “We trust each other, and we have each other’s backs” muses Kirby, and Theo feels small for turning on her earlier. Kirby meanwhile vents to Mac and Xander about Theo’s treatment of her before taking a mysterious phone call. She later tells Mac; a huge talent rep has gotten in touch and wants to meet. But he’s not interested in meeting Lyrik, just Kirby. Is she about to go out on her own?

By Eastieoaks

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