Wanting to protect her friend Romeo from his girlfriend, Peri goes in search to prove Rayne isn’t the person he thinks she is, but she stumbles across more than she expected when she comes face to face with a ghost from Rayne’s past in the form of her supposedly dead ex-boyfriend, Brent.

Will he help her expose Rayne for who she really is, or will his loyalties still lie with the manipulative influencer…

Jesse’s first appearance as Brent on Hollyoaks is Tuesday 12th September on E4 and Wednesday 13th September on Channel 4.

Talking about joining the Channel 4 soap, Jesse said:

“I was very excited when I got the part. It was so cool to be a part of such a big storyline that the show has been building up to for a while.

“Brent adores Rayne and has very much not given up on them being together. The nature of their relationship has taken him to a place where he’s totally lost perspective and his sense of self, which in turn makes him quite dangerous. He’d pretty much do anything to try and make Rayne happy.

“I think people may understandably be hostile towards him because – being in that Rayne whirlpool – he makes some seriously big mistakes. You can expect clashes and fireworks with the likes of Peri and Romeo. But actually, I think he and Romeo have a lot in common and I hope people will also gradually see why he’s making these mistakes and find moments of empathy with Brent as a character. Trying to capture that balance has been one of the really fun challenges of playing him.”

Hollyoaks continues tomorrow at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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