Monday, September 11th, 2023 on Channel 4 at 6:30pm

Romeo is still hurting from yesterday but a gaslighting Rayne wants to brush it under the carpet and focus on her career. After Rayne’s latest post on controlling partners, Faye gets the wrong end of the stick and believes she’s speaking about Romeo and comes up with a plan to use it to Rayne’s career advantage.

While Romeo is trying to reach out to Hunter and James, they all receive a notification on their phones which brands Romeo a controlling boyfriend. James wants to legally protect Romeo’s name, but Rayne tries to talk her boyfriend out of the lawsuit idea and instead convinces Romeo to do a counteracting live stream.

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Peri tracks down Cheryl, Brent’s mum where she receives some shocking new information.

Felix is discharged from hospital, but Sharon’s worried he might not be emotionally ready. Mercedes asks Felix if he wants to stay at hers while they find a place together but it gets too much for him when Goldie and Nana return home. Warren offers Felix some relationship advice.

Tom is supporting Yazz with her career, but while she’s working on the presentation, he finds her asleep at her laptop.

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