For those who follow this site but are unfamiliar with or haven’t seen an episode of Ros na Rún, let me provide a brief summary: it can be aptly described as “big drama in a small village.” Think of it as Emmerdale in Ireland, set in a small rural village, where you never know what will unfold next.

This is Briain, we don’t really like him. He has all the charm of a bag of rocks and is a dangerous man. Pictured with him is Bernie, who at the end of the second episode of the season, was grabbed and injected by Briain. He wanted to know where his daughter was, but quite rightly got told by Bernie to ‘go to hell’.

Edge of the seat viewing (TG4)

Berni’s troubles quickly turned into the same for Réailtín (Tonight September 14) as he contined to wave a gun around demanding to know where his daughter was. Moments from being injected, Réailtín caved and gave up the location – she’s with Laoise at the B&B.

The show made good use of the ‘Ask for Angela’ signal for help in a scene as Berni was able to signal this to Laoise and alarm bells started ringing which resulted in adding Diana to the scene – that house was quickly filling up.

There was no pause for breath as the drama kept coming (TG4)

Dropping the gun didn’t mean the end of the tension, only the start, as Berni got hold of it and gave Briain both barrels – “You dirty bastard,” not only drama but language you wouldn’t get in Emmerdale or Corrie these days.

From Berni to Diana, it looked like Briain was done for…that was until Diana struck a deal with him and she would let him go. However, this backfired massively for Briain who had played right into her hands.

The episoded ended with Briain dead on the floor…what will come next for Diana after this episode? you’ll have to tune in and see.

This season picked up where Season 27 finished with a fire at the Daly house, what has followed in less than a handful of episodes is enough to put even the top blockbusters to shame. A fire, death, funeral, kidnap, pregnancy and another death – phew, I need a cuppa now.

Ros na Rún continues Tuesday and Thursday on TG4 at 8.30pm and you can watch this episode and the past series on the TG4 Player.

By Eastieoaks

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