Friday, September 15th, 2023 on Channel 4 at 6:30pm

Even though she took her dad’s watch, Leela is worried about Donna-Marie and Joel suggests they split up to find her. Rayne is irritated when Romeo answers a call during her live stream. Concerned about his mum’s welfare after hearing she’s missing, he sets about to go help and find her, but Rayne manipulates him into staying with her instead. James, Leela and Joel find a relapsed Donna-Marie, unable to bare the pain of knowing her best friend isn’t prepared to help herself Leela kicks her out.

Sienna gets her hopes up when she sees Rafe with an engagement ring but is awkwardly brought back to earth when she discovers it’s for a bridal photo shoot. Ethan helps to inspire Sienna who comes up with a plan to get the model that Nadira hired for the photoshoot out of the way by planting the ring in her bag.

Goldie is sure Carter has an evil hidden agenda and is determined to find out what, but John Paul is horrified when he discovers he’s Freya’s dad, fearing he’ll never be able to face the new resident again. When Carter turns up at the McQueens he tells John Paul he forgives him for the car crash which his daughter was left with permanent injuries from, but Goldie isn’t convinced his nice guy image is all that it seems. As he leaves the McQueens we see him take a curious phone call in which he mentions John Paul.

Things are still tense between Tom and Yazz. Wanting to help her daughter, Misbah gets Yazz to open up to her about her true feelings since the ectopic pregnancy where she admits work was the only thing keeping her focused. While testing out the new bench Zain has been working on, Misbah opens up to him about her concerns for Yazz.

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