Monday, September 18th, 2023 on Channel 4 at 6:30pm

After the shocking ring scandal involving Sienna, The Earl takes a drastic step and fires Nadira. However, it doesn’t take long for Sienna to realize that she’s behind it all. Sienna confronts Nadira about her job loss and drops a bombshell—she has a crush on Rafe and desperately wants him to notice her. In a surprising twist, Nadira agrees to help Sienna, but there’s a condition: Sienna must help her get her job back.

As Dilly celebrates her birthday, she finds herself in need of company and money, especially since Rafe hasn’t paid her allowance. To solve her predicament, she convinces Ethan to become her platonic playmate and assist her in stealing petty cash from her brother.

Meanwhile, a bridal photo shoot takes an unexpected turn when Sienna accidentally shatters a priceless ornament. As tensions rise, we discover that it’s the anniversary of the Harcourt siblings’ mother’s death.

Goldie remains determined to uncover Carter’s secrets. She sneaks into the schoolyard to question Freya but quickly finds herself face-to-face with the new headteacher himself. Carter, looking to prove himself, offers Goldie a job in the school canteen, creating an opportunity for her to learn more about him. With the McQueen family needing answers and money, Goldie reluctantly accepts the new role.

Joel decides it’s time to come clean to the fire service. They offer him another chance at his physical, a chance for redemption. Meanwhile, Misbah confides in Leela and Joel about her husband Zain’s lack of interest in their relationship, with his focus seemingly shifting to DIY projects. Inspired by their conversation, Misbah hatches an idea. However, a conversation with Dave leaves her worried that the spark in her marriage may have dimmed further, especially when Zain has to cancel a date night due to mosque duties.

By Eastieoaks

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