In a surprising turn of events, Chloe confides in a stunned Amy about her belief that she might be pregnant once again. Later, when Mack catches Chloe in the act of ordering a pregnancy test, he is left speechless at the possibility. However, when Chloe presents her pregnancy evidence, Mack’s elation knows no bounds, leading him to propose to a speechless Chloe, who ecstatically accepts.


The following day, the couple excitedly shares their engagement and pregnancy news with their close friends. However, as Chloe sneaks away feeling conflicted, Mack faces a barrage of questions and concerns from his friends and family. Particularly, Moira expresses worries about the hasty engagement. Meanwhile, Nate sees through Mack’s true desire for another child.

As the day progresses, Chloe confides in Amy that her period has arrived, shattering her hopes of pregnancy. Later, when Mack lovingly speaks about their unborn child, Chloe struggles to find the courage to tell him the painful truth. Fearing that Mack won’t want her without a baby, Chloe seeks solace from a puzzled Amy at Keepers, torn by the possibility of losing Mack.


The next day, burdened by guilt, Chloe musters the strength to confess the truth to Mack. The question remains: how will he react to this heartbreaking revelation?

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday 25 September on ITV1

By Eastieoaks

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