In the upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, Manpreet and Ethan extend a helping hand to Claudette as they all come together to plan a funeral. Manpreet’s compassionate efforts bring a genuine moment of connection between her and Claudette, as they resolve to face the emotional challenge ahead.

The following day, burdened by a weighty secret, Manpreet reaches out to Charles, leaving him a heartfelt voicemail, urging him to return to the village. Unable to evade reality any longer, Charles returns home, but when Claudette showers him with praise, he finds himself unable to confess, leaving guilt in his wake as he slips away.

At the Woolpack, concern mounts as Charles drowns his sorrows in drink, catching the attention of Tom. Tom’s attempts to empathize only serve to further incense Charles, leading to a heated confrontation that leaves Tom pinned against the bar, shocking onlookers.

After a tense exchange of threats and attempts at reconciliation, the arrival of Charles’ family intervenes, breaking the intense standoff. As Charles makes a hasty exit, his family is left deeply troubled. Manpreet races after him, imploring Charles to reveal the truth. The question remains: will she succeed in breaking through to him?

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday 25 September on ITV1

By Eastieoaks

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