After finishing another livestream, Ryan receives a message telling him that his filter dropped out and his subscriber recognised him from the papers as the guy who suffered the acid attack. Ryan’s thrown into panic and tries to deny it. However when Suki from the Gazette approaches and reveals she’s seen some screen grabs from his porn videos, knows that he was the victim of the acid attack and would like to interview him for a story, Ryan’s horrified. Unaware, Carla insists he join her for lunch in the Rovers but when Izzy comes across the Gazette article she shows it to Glenda, Sean, Carla, Daisy and Daniel. As he returns from the loo, a mortified Ryan realises they’re all talking about him. 

Later, When Lauren clocks Ryan looking at flats to rent she offers him the spare room at her precinct flat. Carla and Daisy are concerned as Ryan moves out. Trying to make amends for his jealous behaviour, Daniel helps Ryan carry his things into the flat. But when some lads make jibes at Ryan about his scars, he turns on them in a rage. Daniel intervenes, however as he picks up Ryan’s things, he notices the stash of testosterone.

Daniel asks Ryan if he’d be prepared to give a talk to the STC students about the impact violent crime has on its victims. Ryan’s unsure.

Coronation Street airs these scenes from Monday 25 September on ITV1

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