Deeply upset about Leo’s murder, Jenny wonders if she should pay Teddy a visit. Stephen tries to quash the idea but Jenny confides in Glenda that she’s worried about Teddy as he must be grief stricken and it seems odd that he’s not been in touch regarding Leo’s funeral. Jenny calls at the police station and voices her concerns to Craig.

Stephen tells Jenny that he wants to take her on holiday to Thailand to get away from everything. But when the Waterford’s Manager arrives to break the news that they’re closing the Rovers for an extensive refurbishment and their contracts have been terminated with immediate effect Jenny and the staff are thrown into a spin. Can they save the pub?

Adam insists there’s a case for unfair dismissal but when DS Swain calls to tell Jenny they now have proof that neither Leo nor Teddy visited Canada her mind goes elsewhere. As Jenny argues that Teddy contacted Stephen from Canada, Stephen inwardly panics. 

Jenny and Stephen move in with Rita but assure Rita that they won’t be under her feet for long as hopefully they’re off to Thailand. On the street, Jenny, Glenda, Daisy, Sean and Gemma watch emotionally as the Waterford’s workmen start boarding up the Rovers.

When Gemma reveals that she’s applied for the deputy manager role with Waterfords, Daisy’s fuming, assuming it would go to Jenny.

Coronation Street airs these scenes from Monday 25 September on ITV1

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