Influencer Rayne dominates the scene, orchestrating drama for her online followers. But when she is found dead, the group is taken into custody as detectives investigate a murder.

Mercedes, Felix, and Warren’s Love Triangle: Felix attempts a grand gesture to win back Mercedes, unaware of her secret conversations with Warren.

John Paul’s Healing Journey: Encouraged by a convincing Carter, John Paul attends a support group to deal with his struggles. He’s introduced to Gareth, who promises a life-changing experience. Nana McQueen wishes him luck.

Rayne’s Sinister Video: A shocking flashforward reveals Rayne’s lifeless body in a pool, only to emerge with a chilling message for her followers.

Peri’s Escape: Peri escapes captivity from Brent, supposedly Rayne’s deceased boyfriend, and they both make an unexpected appearance at the mansion.

Tony and Darren’s Beach Day: Tony plans a special day for Darren to create happy seaside memories, inspired by saving Charlie from the sea.

The Roast Turns Deadly: Rayne initiates a brutal “roast” dinner where harsh truths are revealed. The game takes a dark turn, with everyone choosing Rayne as the guest they would most like to kill. Later, she is found dead.

Warren’s Betrayal: Mercedes, torn between Felix and Warren, faces a heartbreaking betrayal that sends Felix on a desperate chase.

Mansion Mystery Unfolds: Police storm the mansion, detaining the group as they investigate Rayne’s murder. Secrets unravel in intense interviews.

Nadira’s Confession: Nadira confesses to stealing money for the villa, adding a new layer of complexity to the investigation.

Sienna’s Legal Woes: Sienna faces questioning about missing money from Rafe’s account, prompting fears for her children’s future.

With Channel 4 saying goodbye to Hollyoaks these episodes air from 7pm on E4 starting Friday 22 September 2023

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