Friday, September 22nd, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

While Eden and Felicity search for him, Bree catches up to a manic Cash – she’s worried about him. Cash tries to put her off about how troubled he is – he was kept up by someone playing music last night – but Bree can tell her friend is struggling. She urges him, he can’t help others with nothing in his own tank. He needs to find a way to reconcile the bridge between being a cop and a brother.

Later, Cash catches up with Flick and Tane and apologises for his gung-ho approach. He’s going to look after himself from now on, before trying to fix everyone else. He apologises to Eden as well – he just wants to get back to being a good boyfriend. When Felicity catches up to him later, she resolves they should sort things out together. She wants to clear the air with her brother, and they do. Felicity is surrounded by her loved ones when she receives the good news from the DPP that Jeremy has plead guilty. She won’t need to appear in court.

Remi and Justin bond over listening to Lyrik’s album on vinyl and the interview requests keep rolling in for Lyrik, but there’s no sign of Kirby. Irene tips him off that she had something on her mind the last few times she’s seen her. Later, Justin summons Remi for an urgent band issue and drops a bombshell – Kirby’s been meeting with Forrest Duke, and he only represents solo artists!

Justin is the latest resident of the Bay to cop a spray from Alf when enquiring about his hearing. But Justin is persistent – he keeps at Alf to open up to him, and Alf finally relents. He jumps the gun and wants to resign from the club, but Justin urges him to get a medical opinion first. Chucking everything in isn’t an option, and Alf is finally compelled to ask Bree for help.

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