Monday, September 25th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

It’s a Lyrik band meeting for the history books. Kirby has been exposed as secretly meeting with esteemed solo-artist manager, Forrest Duke. He’s made a generous offer, trying to poach her for a solo career. The other band members are in total shock. When was she going to tell them? How could this have eventuated? Kirby is upfront. She’s been struggling for a while now. In truth, she isn’t happy. But the barrage of questions only causes more anxiety, and Kirby refuses to sit there and take it. Instead, she heads for a surf, balancing on the fence of this huge life decision. Justin commends her for the hard-earned opportunity. Remi questions if it’s worth the risk? But Kirby says they’ve been taking risks their whole lives. The one thing she cannot live with, is regret.

Tane, Cash and Felicity are actioning plans to help ensure the safety of women in Summer Bay. Tane’s registering as a self-defence instructor, and Felicity initiates a codeword system at Salt for anyone who doesn’t feel safe. It feels good to be making progress and they take to the surf club to hand out flyers, are met with a frustrating lack of interest. Felicity jumps on a table, sharing loudly that she was sexually assaulted. People are finally taking notice, but she’s suddenly hit hard with a wave of emotions. Felicity abandons her flyers, feeling exposed.

Alf had his hearing tested and is awaiting the results. Bree and Marilyn are supportive of his health journey, but Alf is not impressed when Bree reinforces that it’s very likely he will need to be fitted with hearing aids. This is not a welcome realisation for Alf, who doesn’t want any contraptions shoved onto his ears. Marilyn reassures Bree that Mr. Stewart will come around to the idea… eventually.

By Eastieoaks

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