Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Tane catches up to Felicity on the beach, commending her for bravery in making herself publicly vulnerable for the cause of women’s safety. He affirms what she’s been through took guts, and it worked. People are taking the flyers. Spirited, the two take their ideas to Mackenzie who approves their further plans to spread the word, including to the team at Salt.

The growing divide continues for Lyrik. While Theo stews, feeling responsible for Kirby’s decision to go solo, Remi’s feeble attempts to get her to stay are overshadowed by a delivery of flowers, goodies, and sample artwork from Forrest, tempting Kirby to take up his offer. Justin, Theo and Remi are out of ideas. They may need to face the very real possibility that she will quit the band.

Kirby’s solo career offer is out of the bag, and although the other band members are up in arms, Mackenzie has her back. She reassures Kirby that this is a big deal, and she earned it. Theo too, reaches out with kindness and perspective, suggesting Lyrik could possibly be at the start of something great, but that means nothing if Kirby is not happy. Remi initiates a plan to go old school and remind Kirby of their humble beginnings, but it’s too little, too late. Kirby has made up her mind. She is going solo.

Bree and Marilyn navigate Alf’s specialist appointments and subdue his opposition toward further tests. He is convinced once you start with all this nonsense it’s never going to end, but Bree and Marilyn remain determined to get him over the line. Soon enough, Alf has a handful of pamphlets about different hearing aids, and a cup of tea.

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