What is your character’s motive?

“Phoenix’s motive for killing Rayne… I think that where Phoenix is at in his journey is very much representative of the polar opposite of everything Rayne represents. She is very focused on the validation of others and basks in the limelight of people who build her up to be who she is. Phoenix, on the other hand, is very much his own person and doesn’t need to impress others.”

“He navigates life authentically and is a free agent in being himself. I believe that Rayne would see Phoenix as a pawn in her game, but Phoenix is not interested in being content for others to merely enjoy.”

Who do you think is the killer?

“I feel like various people could be the killer and I feel like many people do have a motive. Rayne has done a lot of characters wrong and dirty. A lot of them are not on good terms with her and definitely do have motive to kill her. However, even the people who seemingly don’t, I think is very intriguing to me because sometimes it’s the people you least expect. I think really anybody could be the killer at this point, I’m not sure. I think I could imagine Nadira having motive… and potentially Lacey too. Being that they are so close, and she has probably seen the villainous potential that Rayne has within her from very early on. I can imagine Lacey, having seen that bad side, having reason to kill her. But yeah, I think it could be anyone.”

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