Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 on E4 at 7:00pm

Influencer Rayne Royce floats lifeless in the swimming pool of the luxury villa, then bursts out of the water and swims up to her camera and smiles…telling her followers “The old Rayne is dead…long live Rayne 2.0’

Onto stunned Lacey, as she explains it’s a video for Love Cave producers…

The 20-somethings are over-whelmed as they arrive at the mansion house, with taxi driver Benny helping them get there. Rayne is warned by talent agent Faye she is going to have to up the drama for the Love Cave producers, as the manor house is fitted with cameras to catch all the action.

Rayne threatens Nadira that if she pushes her over returning the deposit she will tell Lacey that Nadira got the money for the luxurious house by illegal means.

In a basement, Peri wins round Brent (Rayne’s supposedly dead boyfriend) who has been holding her captive and they both turn up at the house…Prince urges Peri to keep going on her quest to expose Rayne as a liar…

Rayne announces a ‘roast’ at dinner – where they each open up about their true opinions on each other. She picks apart her friends one by one and the game turns into ‘who would you kill’. Everyone chooses Rayne. Later, Rayne is found dead.

Mercedes, who has cheated on Felix with Warren and declined his marriage proposal, begs him to talk. But Felix is consumed with watching moments from his old family life with Martine. Furious Pearl tries to protect him. But Mercedes is determined that their love is real.

Filled with self-loathing, Mercedes sleeps with Warren again at the garage but Felix sees……

Felix then flees but Warren knows where he is headed and follows in chase to a quarry they used to visit while at the children’s home together.

At the clifftop Warren tries to get Felix to connect with him as his mental health deteriorates. Can either of them make it home safe? And what future awaits the best friends after Warren’s betrayal.

By Eastieoaks

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