Thursday, September 28th, 2023 on RTE One at 8:30pm

Dean tells Dearbhla he believes that Fergal is behind the attempted arson. Dearbhla assures Joan she can handle the business while she’s having her procedure. Gar asks Dearbhla to be a key holder for the gym while he’s in the hospital. Gar asks Kira to deliver a heartfelt letter to Dearbhla in the event that his procedure goes wrong. 

James appeals to Zak for help with raising Bo’s fee, but Zak warns him he’s on his own. James scrambles to raise the cash quickly. Carol is suspicious when she learns of James’ efforts.

Orla confronts Gwen for framing her and manipulating Zak, but she feigns innocence. 

By Eastieoaks

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