Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 on RTE One at 8:00pm

Dearbhla tells Dean their night together was a one-off. Fergal is stung when Gar rejects his apology. Alex enlightens Bob to Fergal’s racist leanings. Bob questions Fergal’s beliefs, leaving him seething. Fergal heads to the gym with a crowbar and a can of petrol. 

Gar comes to terms with the haste of the procedure, but warns Joan not to tell Dearbhla. Gar confides in Kira that he thinks he’s ruined things with Dearbhla. 

Nora advises Carol to step back from the investigation. Zak warns James to keep a low profile to avoid suspicion. Gwen alerts Zak to the evidence of that Orla has been scamming McCoys. James tries to hide his nerves in front of Rafferty. James comes face-to-face with Bo. 

By Eastieoaks

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