Thursday, September 28th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Mali’s cleared to go back in the surf, and Xander watches enthusiastically as Mali carves it up. The king of the breakers is back! Mali’s quick to fire up the surfing lessons again, but he is preoccupied by Rose’s distance. She seems to be avoiding his calls. Maybe something happened between her and his mother?

Cash and Rose grab coffees after a long night shift, but Rose can’t relax. Her mind is clearly stuck on something. She explains to Cash, she wants to know about her biological father. Meeting Mali’s mother and observing how their family and culture is woven into who they are has inspired her to investigate her own heritage. Unwelcome to ask more from her mother, she goes trawling online instead through her mother’s history. When Xander uncovers Rose’s objective, he feels betrayed. She’s going against their mother’s wishes. And against the memory of the man they both called Dad. But Rose explains her perspective. Xander had a dad. She had a huge question mark hanging over her head.

Convinced she is not to be trusted after observing her apprehension around police officers, John won’t let up about Irene’s new houseguest, Harper. But Irene feels John is being unreasonable. He needs to let it go. Cash stops by the coffee cart and John is ready for a moment of truth, expecting Harper to turn tail from the uniformed officer. However, much to John’s dismay, Cash welcomes her with open arms. It turns out they are old colleagues and friends. Irene gleefully serves John some humble pie. But in private, Harper reveals her truth to Cash. She has come to Summer Bay to find him. And she needs a big favour.

By Eastieoaks

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