Friday, September 29th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Mali’s back teaching in the surf and feeling amazing. Mackenzie’s equally as stoked, officially retired as his substitute. Mali asks her for one more favour, can she help him organise a little something special to treat Rose? A bottle of wine and a meal for two in a prime spot on the Salt balcony.

Rose tries to explain to Xander her inherent need to learn about her heritage. She means no ill will toward their parents, but this is something she has to do. But Xander doesn’t get it. She leaves to see Mali at Salt but Xander isn’t finished. He insists Rose tell their mother what she’s doing, or Xander will. Rose leaves for the beach as quickly as she can, and Mali catches up to her. She finally explains her search to find her father and Mali is highly supportive. He will be right there with her. And sure enough, Rose stumbles across an old drama group photo containing a man who could be her dad.

Cash brings Harper to the privacy of his place so that she can elaborate on the favour she needs. Harper considers him to be the one person who can help her. Cash has always been willing to push harder to get to the truth. And she needs that more than ever. Her sister, Dana, is on the run. The police found drugs in Dana’s apartment, and her boyfriend threw her under the bus. Now there’s a warrant out for her arrest and Dana’s lost everything. Harper needs Cash to do whatever he can to prove Dana’s innocence, but Cash is not so quick to blur the lines. It takes persuasion and time, but he might be willing to help, if she promises to tell him everything she knows. From the very beginning.

Irene gloats over John being proven wrong. His accusations of Harper being untrustworthy well and truly in the past, Irene and Harper enjoy their dinner and their growing friendship. Appreciating Irene’s hospitality, Harper insists on packing up the leftovers and dishes. But when Irene’s gone to bed, the spare food is brought into Harper’s room. The bedroom window is open, and the fugitive Dana climbs through.

By Eastieoaks

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