Sunday, October 1st, 2023 on RTE One at 7:30pm

Babs asks Victor to talk to Greg because he forgot Jess’ first class. Greg asks Mairead for more work at Phelans. Victor understands Greg’s stress about becoming a father and asks Leo for additional shifts to help Greg and Jess with the baby. Victor lies to Babs about scolding Greg. Victor convinces Mairead to give Greg more hours and buys a stroller for the baby.

Carol tracks James’ phone to the workshop and reports it to the police. James and Zak are questioned but act calm. Carol gets upset at Nora for involving the police without consulting her. Carol pretends to apologize to James and Zak.

Dearbhla plans to visit Joan and Gar at the hospital. Zoe tries to say something to Dearbhla but gets nervous. Joan and Dearbhla get worried when Gar’s health deteriorates. Carol defends Dermot when Paul tells him he’s not welcome in town.

By Eastieoaks

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