Thursday, October 12th, 2023 on RTE One at 8:30pm

Victor wants Greg to talk to Jess about the baby’s father, but Greg refuses. Greg is sad when Jess and Babs come back from the spa. Greg tells Victor about his sadness. Babs warns Victor that Jess will cut him off if he tells Greg the truth without her permission.

Dearbhla tells Dermot to meet Joan and stop pitying himself. Gar and Dearbhla advise Joan to move on from Dermot. Tommy and Dearbhla get ready for a future without Zak. Dermot is shocked when Joan shows up at his door.

Sash warns Gwen that her job is not safe. Carol scolds Sash for accepting a job from Zak. Anna sympathizes with Gwen about Zak. Gwen promises to make James pay for his actions. Gwen takes her time deciding how to handle James. Sash questions Gwen about the job, making her uneasy.

By Eastieoaks

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