Sunday, October 15th, 2023 on RTE One at 7:30pm

Paul and Gar are unsettled when Joan is civil towards Dermot. Gar confronts Dermot and vows never to forgive him for Cian’s murder. Joan learns of Gar’s attack on Dermot from Paul and urges Gar to stop focusing on revenge. 

Greg fishes for info on Jess’s ex from Ruby. Victor warns Greg against playing detective, but Greg insists he has a plan that will make Jess confess on her own. Greg uses date night to try to press Jess into coming clean. 

Carol ridicules the lack of progress by Gardaí, despite assurance from Buckley that Zak will be prosecuted. Gwen launches a charm offensive on Sash in hopes of keeping her job. James denies his involvement in the kidnapping from a persistent Carol. Carol is suspicious of Gwen’s hold over James. Carol and Tommy exchange harsh words about Zak. Gwen impresses Sash by towing the line and Sash allows her to stay on. 

By Eastieoaks

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